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EMBO Associate Member

A. Bernardo Carvalho

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

EMBO 2018

Evolutionary genomics of Drosophila Y chromosomes

My lab works on the identification of Y-linked genes, and on the evolution of gene content of the Y-chromosomes of a large number of Drosophila species. As Drosophila Y-chromosomes are composed mostly of repetitive DNA, which causes severe assembly problems, we are developing methods to improve genome assembly. Unexpectedly for Y chromosomes, we found that the Drosophila Y is on average gaining genes, instead of losing them.

Keywords: Y chromosome / evolution / genomics / Drosophila / chromosome fusion / heterochromatin / repetitive DNA / PacBio

Subject area(s): Differentiation & Death | Genome Stability & Dynamics | Genomic & Computational Biology | Evolution & Ecology