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EMBO Member

Alexander Levitzki

Hebrew University, Jerusalem | Israel

EMBO 1978 | Council 89–94

Signal transduction therapy of cancers and inflammation

(1)Targeting the immune system to tumours, using polyinosine/polycytosine (PolyIC) bound to a chemical vector: PEI-PEG-ligand targeting EGFR, Her2 and PSMA or (ii) a protein vector composed of the dsRNA binding domain tethered to EGF or a single chain antibody aimed at PSMA. (2) The development of a small molecule targeting activated T cells as anti T-cell leukemic and anti-inflammatory agent. (3) The development of Stat3 inhibitors.

Keywords: EGFR homing poly-inosine / cytosine carrying vectors as anti-cancer agents / targeting the innate immune system to cancer / T cell proliferation inhibitor / dephosphorylation of Stat3

Subject area(s): Molecular Medicine | RNA | Signal Transduction