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EMBO Associate Member

Alfredo Oscar Cáceres

INIMEC-CONICET-Universidad Nacional Córdoba (AR), Córdoba | Argentina

EMBO 2018

Cytoskeletal signaling and neuronal polarity

My lab works on the mechanisms underlying the development and maintenance of neuronal polarity. We initially focused on the involvement of microtubules in axon-dendrite formation, and more recently on kinesin-like proteins, actin regulatory proteins and factors (GEFs and GAPs) modulating the activity of small Rho-GTPases. We use a variety of cell biological techniques including live-cell imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

Keywords: Neurons / polarity / axons / dendrites / cytoskeleton / trafficking / Rho GTPase signalling

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Development | Membranes & Transport | Neuroscience