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Andor Udvardy

Biological Research Centre, Szeged | Hungary

EMBO 1996

Postsynthetic modification of proteasomal subunits

The main goal of our current research activity is the analysis of the regulation of the proteolytic activity of the 26S proteasome by postsynthetic modifications of proteasomal subunits. We identified the lysine residues of the ubiquitin-receptor subunit of the Drosophila 26S proteasome which are multiubiquitinated in vivo, and by the analysis of transgenic Drosophila lines we demonstrated the vital role of this postsynthetic modification.

Keywords: Intracellular protein degradation / 26S proteasome / regulation of the cell cycle / chromatin insulators / ubiquitylation

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Development | Proteins & Biochemistry