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EMBO Member

Andrea Barta

Max Perutz Labs, Vienna | Austria

EMBO 2001 | SciSocC 05–08 | WisC 08–

Complexity of alternative splicing in Arabidopsis

Alternative splicing expands the repertoire of genes and has been exploited for various differentiation processes. In plants, the significance of alternative splicing was long underestimated, but we and others have shown that it significantly impacts development and responses to the environment. We are using genomic approaches to define the rules and targets of alternative splicing and to uncover the influence of SR proteins on alternative splicing regulation in Arabidopsis.

Keywords: Ribosomes / peptidyl transfer / plant pre-mRNA processing / splicing factors / alternative splicing / plant transcriptomics

Subject area(s): Plant Biology | Proteins & Biochemistry | RNA