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EMBO Member

Anna Akhmanova

University, Utrecht | Netherlands

EMBO 2010 | FelC 12–16

Microtubule cytoskeleton and vesicular traffic

My lab studies the role of the cytoskeleton in cell and tissue architecture. We are interested in how the organization of microtubule and actin networks is controlled and how the motility of different cargos is regulated. Our research is currently focused on microtubule plus end tracking proteins (+TIPs), which regulate microtubule dynamics and microtubule association with various cellular structures. We also study the mechanisms of targeting of microtubule-based motors to membrane organelles and the signaling pathways that control motor activity.

Keywords: Cytoskeleton / microtubule organization & dynamics / motor proteins / membrane trafficking / fluorescence microscopy

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Membranes & Transport