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EMBO Member

Ben Luisi

University of Cambridge | United Kingdom

EMBO 2009 | FelC 19–22

Regulatory assemblies and molecular machines

Our aim is to study the structure and function of multi-component assemblies and better understand how they participate in fundamental cellular processes. We are exploring bacterial multi-enzyme assemblies involved in RNA turnover, processing, and non-coding RNA function. We have also been studying the structure and mechanism of multi-enzyme assemblies from central metabolism and bacterial machineries which transport proteins and small molecules across membranes.

Keywords: Structure & function / macromolecular assemblies / X-ray crystallography / cryoEM / molecular biophysics / RNA turnover & processing / riboregulation / membrane transport

Subject area(s): Membranes & Transport | Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | RNA | Structural Biology & Biophysics