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EMBO Member

Bernhard G. Herrmann

MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin | Germany

EMBO 2002

Stem cells and fate choices during mouse embryogenesis

My group investigates how regulatory genes, including lncRNAs, orchestrate organ development in the mouse embryo. In particular we are interested in the organization of trunk and tail development, and focus on the genetic and epigenetic control of fate choice in descendants of stem/progenitor cells. Another research topic of my lab is the genetic basis of non-Mendelian inheritance revealed by the mouse t-haplotype.

Keywords: Mammalian developmental genetics / stem cells / fate choice / mesoderm formation / organogenesis / long non-coding RNA / gene regulation networks / non-Mendelian inheritance / tumor genetics

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Development | Differentiation & Death