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EMBO Member

Blanche Schwappach

University Medical Center, Göttingen | Germany

EMBO 2018 | PubAB 19– | GinC 19–23

Membrane protein biogenesis and sorting

We focus on membrane protein targeting and protein sorting in the early secretory pathway. Addressing specific molecular machineries, i.e. the GET pathway involved in membrane protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum and the COPI vesicle coat involved in the sorting of lipid and proteins, we dissect these processes mechanistically. Delineating the client and cargo spectra of these machineries we uncover their physiological integration.

Keywords: Endoplasmic reticulum / vesicular transport / peptide sorting motifs / COPI vesicle coat / membrane protein biogenesis / GET pathway / ATP-sensitive potassium channels / K2P channels

Subject area(s): Membranes & Transport | Molecular Medicine | Proteins & Biochemistry