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EMBO Member

Brenda A. Schulman

MPI für Biochemie, Martinsried | Germany

EMBO 2018 | Council 22–24

Mechanisms and functions of ubiquitylation

We seek to elucidate molecular principles of the ubiquitin system: how are ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like protein modifications matched with specific substrates? And how do they alter the functions of their targets? We integrate cell biology, biochemistry, structure, chemistry and genetics to identify novel regulatory pathways, and to visualize structures of fleeting multiprotein assemblies catalyzing ubiquitylation reactions.

Keywords: Ubiquitin / ubiquitin-like proteins / mechanism of ubiquitylation / cell cycle control / NEDD8 / cullin-RING ligases / HECT E3s / RBR E3s

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Proteins & Biochemistry | Structural Biology & Biophysics