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EMBO Member

Britta Qualmann

Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt, Jena | Germany

EMBO 2024

Membrane shaping and actin dynamics

Our group examines mechanisms that shape membranes into defined topologies and unravels their linkages to local actin cytoskeletal dynamics. Especially for neurons and neuronal networks, specialized membrane domains and compartments are prerequisites for proper development, function and plastic adaptations. We study the underlying mechanisms and thereby unravel basic principles of life but also associated pathophysiological conditions.

Keywords: Neuronal development, plasticity and disease pathophysiology / membrane dynamics / membrane curvature / membrane shaping proteins / BAR domains / N-Ank proteins / actin cytoskeleton / actin nucleation

Subject area(s): Neuroscience | Membranes & Transport | Cell & Tissue Architecture