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EMBO Member

Catherine Rabouille

Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht | Netherlands

EMBO 2009 | MemC 11–14 | CouC 16–19

Membrane traffic and stress response in Drosophila

The study of membrane traffic in the early secretory pathway in Drosophila has led us to investigate non membrane bound cytoplasmic assemblies in basal and cellular stress conditions. This led us to identify proteins related to this pathway that are responsive to stress and integrate it, such as Sec16. Earlier, we also proposed that GRASP was also a stress response protein and we continue to investigate this in mice.

Keywords: Drosophila / secretory pathway & transport / stress assemblies / RNA localisation / electron microscopy / Sec16 / GRASP

Subject area(s): Membranes & Transport | RNA | Signal Transduction