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EMBO Member

Christos Delidakis

IMBB – FORTH, Heraklion | Greece

EMBO 2024

Stem cell biology in Drosophila

My lab is working on how the same signalling/ gene regulatory modules can be redeployed in different developmental and disease settings. We use Drosophila and focus on the Hes/Hey transcription factors and Notch signalling. In the past we studied bristle development and our current focus is neural stem cells of the CNS, how they are born in the embryo, how they are maintained through larval life and how they can transition to malignancy.

Keywords: Gene regulation / Notch signalling / Hes and Hey genes / stem cells / developmental genetics / Drosophila / cancer models / chromatin dynamics

Subject area(s): Signal Transduction | Development | Chromatin & Transcription