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EMBO Member

Claudio Schneider

Laboratorio Nazionale CIB, Trieste | Italy

EMBO 1997

My lab has been investigating A) The biology of GTSE1 (G2 and S phase Expressed) in the regulation of p53 activity. GTSE-1 interacting proteins established a link with 1)p21/waf1-stability2) MAGE (Melanoma Antigens) proteins/regulation of p53-transactivation3) MicrotubuleTip-tracking EB1 protein and cell migration My lab also studies the role of calpains in autophagy/apoptosis since Gas2 (GrowthArrestSpecific gene 2) is a calpain-inhibitor

Keywords: p53 function / stress response / autophagy / apoptosis / cell cycle control

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Proteins & Biochemistry | Signal Transduction