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EMBO Member

Daniel Louvard

Institut Curie, Paris | France

EMBO 1983 | CouC 85–87 | Council 05–07 | Council 08–10 | GexC 10–11

Morphogenesis and signaling in epithelial cells

The constitution of this selective barrier requires the formation of specialized domains of the plasma membrane. Membrane traffic, actin cytoskeleton dynamics and signal transmission all play a major role in the formation and maintenance of these domains. The laboratory's aim is to gain an understanding of the role of these processes in normal or pathological epithelium function and in particular colorectal cancers.

Keywords: Epithelial morphogenesis / membrane traffic / membrane cytoskeleton interactions / colorectal cancer / cellular junctions

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Membranes & Transport | Signal Transduction