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EMBO Member

Dario Alessi

University, Dundee | United Kingdom

EMBO 2005 | PubC 09–09

Understanding signalling pathways

My research focuses on unravelling the roles of poorly characterised components which regulate protein phosphorylation or ubiquitylation that have emerged from the genetic analysis of human disease. The aim is to work out how these fit into signal transduction pathways, how these pathways are organised, how they recognise signals, how the signal moves down the pathway to elicit physiological responses and to comprehend what goes wrong in disease.

Keywords: Protein kinases / Parkinson's disease / cancer / PDK1 / LKB1 / PKB / AKT / LRRK2 / PI3-kinase / Rab GTPase

Subject area(s): Neuroscience | Signal Transduction