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EMBO Member

David Staněk

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague | Czech Republic

EMBO 2023

Formation of the RNA splicing machinery

Our goal is to understand how cells assemble ribonucleoprotein complexes (snRNPs) involved in RNA splicing. We study the biogenesis of snRNPs in a complex cellular environment, the role of cellular structures in this process, and the quality control mechanisms that distinguish between correctly folded and defective particles. We apply our findings to understand why mutations in snRNP proteins cause hereditary degeneration of the human retina.

Keywords: Organization of the cell nucleus / ribonucleoprotein complex / pre-mRNA splicing / membraneless organelle / Cajal body / snRNP dynamics / live cell imaging

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Chromatin & Transcription | Membranes & Transport | RNA