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EMBO Member

Detlef Weigel

MPI für Biologie Tübingen, Tübingen | Germany

EMBO 2003 | CouC 05–08 | Council 10–12 | Council 13–15 | EEsC 17–19

Genetic and genomic variation in plants

My long-term goal is to understand both the molecular mechanisms and the evolution of adaptive traits. To this end, my lab is using both phenotype-first and genotype-first approaches to identify genetic variants with a potential role in local, regional or global adaptation. Our studies benefit greatly from knowledge about the genomes of other species, and from a historical perspective that exploits the knowledge stored in herbaria.

Keywords: Genetic variation / evolutionary genomics / host-pathogen interactions / microbiome / Arabidopsis

Subject area(s): Development | Genomic & Computational Biology | Plant Biology | Evolution & Ecology