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EMBO Member

Electra Gizeli

IMBB – FORTH, Heraklion | Greece

EMBO 2023

Innovation in molecular diagnostics and biosensing

Multidisciplinary research forms the 'heart' of my group. We characterise the conformation of biomolecules using acoustic biosensors during biophysical studies; develop molecular diagnostic assays for human viruses, plant-borne pathogens and E-DNA detection; and develop portable platforms for rapid nucleic acid identification outside centralised labs. Several of our concepts have produced innovations in diagnostics, some under validation in South Africa.

Keywords: Acoustic biosensing / molecular diagnostics / point-of-care / human viruses-detection / environmental biosensors / biomedical engineering / portable detection platforms / nanobiotechnology

Subject area(s): Molecular Medicine | Proteins & Biochemistry | Structural Biology & Biophysics | Systems Biology