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Erik Boye

The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo | Norway

EMBO 1991 | MemPubC 96–99 | Council 01–03 | Council 04–06 | WisC 11–14

Cell cycle regulation in eukaryotic cells

Our group uses fission yeast and mammalian cells to study cell-cycle regulation. Our major interest has been the G1-S transition, involving preparation for and initiation of DNA replication. We have identified a checkpoint distinct from the classic checkpoints, in that it is entirely dependent upon the Gcn2 kinase, a translation regulator. Furthermore, we work on characterizing the effects of stress on the regulation of translation and its effects on cell-cycle progression.

Keywords: DNA replication / cell cycle control / checkpoints / translation

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Genome Stability & Dynamics | Proteins & Biochemistry