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Ernst H.K. Stelzer

Goethe University, Frankfurt | Germany

EMBO 2009

Optically sectioning 3D light microscopies

Physics Ph.D. Univ. Heidelberg. EMBL 1983-2011. March 2011 Professor Physical Biology. Bridging gaps between physics, optical technology, cell and developmental biology and mathematics. Inventor of light sheet microscopy. >250 publications, >20 patent applications. Heidelberg Mol Life Sci Prize. RMS Hon Fellow. Lennart Philipson Award. Observing three-dimensional specimens in three dimensions as as function of time under near-natural conditions.

Keywords: Light sheet microscopy / insects / early embryogenesis / organoids / spheroids / LSFM / SPIM / DSLM

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Development | Systems Biology