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EMBO Member

Eva Kondorosi

University, Szeged | Hungary

EMBO 2006 | FelC 11–14

Endosymbiont and host cell differentiation

We have shown that polyploidy, cell growth and loss of cell division ability of the plant cells and their endosymbionts in Medicago root nodules are essential for nitrogen fixation. Plant cell ploidy is induced by the CCS52A protein while the endosymbionts' terminal differentiation is governed by hundreds of symbiotic plant peptides. Present work aims to discover the activity of host peptides and the significance of polyploidy in both partners.

Keywords: Rhizobium-legume symbiosis / root nodule / polyploidy / cell differentiation / antimicrobial peptides / nitrogen fixation

Subject area(s): Development | Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | Plant Biology