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EMBO Member

F. Nina Papavasiliou

DKFZ, Heidelberg | Germany

EMBO 2021

Trypanosoma brucei: specific mechanisms of immune evasion

I have a long-standing interest in processes that generate informational diversity in a cell or organism. Such processes include programmed DNA and RNA alterations, essential for the establishment of an optimal immune response in mammals. Similar processes power coat diversification in the African trypanosome, setting the stage for immune evasion by the parasite. This host-parasite interaction remains a source of fascination for my lab.

Keywords: Antigenic variation / antibody diversification / Trypanosoma brucei / epitranscriptomics / RNA editing

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Immunology | Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | RNA