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EMBO Member

Fabian J. Theis

Helmholtz Zentrum, München | Germany

EMBO 2022

Machine learning in single cell genomics

My research goal is to find hidden patterns in biomedical data sets and use those to predict and understand future behavior of these systems. Towards this goal, we develop and adapt methods from machine learning and apply them to molecular read-outs, i. e. single cell genomics and microscopy. With our experimental partners, we together solve complex biological and medical questions like stem cell decision-making or early disease risk prediction.

Keywords: Computational biology / machine learning / single cell genomics / modelling single-cell heterogeneities / lineage estimation / computational tools / spatial omics / multimodal data integration

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Differentiation & Death | Genomic & Computational Biology | RNA | Systems Biology