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EMBO Associate Member

Harvey F. Lodish

Whitehead Institute, Cambridge (MA) | United States

EMBO 1995

Regulation of adipogenesis and erythropoiesis

My lab works on (1) red blood cell development, especially the regulation of self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation of early and late erythroid progenitor cells by extracellular signals including erythropoietin, glucocorticoids, and oxygen; (2) long non-coding RNAs that regulate the differentiation and function of erythroid and myeloid cells and of white and brown adipose cells; (3) adipocyte biology: defining the mechanisms of insulin resistance and stress responses in adipose cells.

Keywords: Signal transduction / hematopoiesis / human fat & glucose metabolism / stem cells / noncoding RNAs

Subject area(s): Development | Molecular Medicine | Signal Transduction