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Hermona Soreq

The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences,, Jerusalem | Israel

EMBO 1991 | FelC 97–00

The molecular essence of cholinergic signalling

I study the molecular mechanisms underlying acetylcholine malfunctioning in neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, anxiety and inflammatory disorders. I focus on non-coding RNAs and microRNA regulators of cholinergic signalling (CholinomiRs) by transcript profiling in cells and tissues from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease patients and engineered mouse models; and manipulate cholinergic signalling impairments in the brain, blood cells and the intestine, by oligonucleotide-mediated therapeutics.

Keywords: Molecular neuroscience / alternative splicing / alternative polyadenylation / non-coding RNA / microRNA

Subject area(s): Molecular Medicine | Neuroscience | RNA