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Hinrich Gronemeyer

IGBMC, Illkirch | France

EMBO 1995

Systems biology of cell fates in (patho)physiology

We want to understand cell fates from the dynamics of signal transduction, epigenetic (de)regulation and chromatin structure, which coordinate global gene expression networks in normal and cancer cells. We use genome-wide approaches and develop specific technologies (LinDA, TARDIS) and bioinformatics tools (QC). We discovered regulatory natural double-strand RNAs, study their functions and work on the mechanism(s) of TRAIL-mediated tumor-selective apoptosis

Keywords: Systems biology of cell fates / OMICS / bioinformatics tool development / quality assessment of ChIP-seq and related data sets / quality indicator database / non-coding RNA / tumor-selective apoptosis

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Differentiation & Death | Signal Transduction