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EMBO Associate Member

Hozumi Motohashi

Tohoku University, Sendai | Japan

EMBO 2024

Redox metabolism and gene expression regulation

Our laboratory aims to understand the role of redox metabolism in gene expression regulation. In particular, we are focusing on supersulfides, which are recently identified biomolecules possessing catenated sulfur atoms (persulfides and polysulfides), and redox-senstive gene regulatory mechanisms including the KEAP1-NRF2 system, which plays a central role in the cytoprotection from oxidative and electrophilic stresses.

Keywords: Transcriptional regulation / stress response / cancer metabolism / KEAP1-NRF2 system / supersulfides / reactive oxygen species / hypoxia / vitamin B6

Subject area(s): Molecular Medicine | Chromatin & Transcription | Cellular Metabolism