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EMBO Member

Ivan Dikic

Goethe University, Frankfurt | Germany

EMBO 2004 | EEsC 08–12 | PubAB 09– | PubAB 17– | Council 23–25

Ubiquitination and autophagy in health and disease

Major scientific interests of my lab are focused on understanding how ubiquitin serves as a cellular signal recognized and decoded by specific receptors to control multiple cellular functions, e.g we have shown how linear ubiquitin chains regulate NF-kappaB activation and innate immunity. In parallel we pioneered the concept of autophagy receptors in selective autophagy pathways regulating mitophagy, Salmonella infection and neurodegeneration.

Keywords: Cancer / endocytosis / ubiquitination / DNA repair / autophagy

Subject area(s): Molecular Medicine | Proteins & Biochemistry | Signal Transduction