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EMBO Associate Member

Joan A. Steitz

Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven | United States

EMBO 1987

Research on non-coding (nc)RNAs includes the discovery of the spliceosomal small nuclear RNA (snRNAs), of Box C/D small nucleolar (sno)RNAs, of small Cajal body RNAs (scaRNAs) and of the minor (U12-dependent) spliceosomal snRNAs, as well as on the biogenesis and function of microRNAs. Studies of abundant ncRNAs made by gamma herpesviruses, like EBV and KSHV, are providing insights into how these oncogenic viruses acquired ncRNA genes from the host and manipulated them to serve the virus.

Keywords: RNA surveillance / RNA stability / noncoding RNAs / microRNPs

Subject area(s): RNA