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Joël Bockaert

Institute of Functional Genomics (IGF), Montpellier | France

EMBO 1996 | MemPubC 99–03

My current research is concerning signaling of GPCRs. Using proteomics and phosphoproteomics we are researching new proteins associated with GPCRs and their roles in ureavealed signaling cascades as well as in i GPCR trafficking. Using in vitro and in vivo experiments (including behavior) we are looking at the roles of those proteins and signaling cascades in brain functions as well as in pathologies such as schizophrenie and Alzheimer.

Keywords: G protein coupled receptors / glutamate receptors / serotonin receptors / signaling / proteomics / schizophrenia / Alzheimer's disease

Subject area(s): Neuroscience | Signal Transduction