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EMBO Member

Jürgen Knoblich

IMBA, Vienna | Austria

EMBO 2002 | FelC 05–10 | FelC 11–13 | Council 15–17 | Council 18–20

Asymmetric cell division in neural stem cells

Our laboratory is interested in the mechanisms that control asymmetric cell division in stem cell lineages. We use the fruit fly Drosophila and mouse genetics to understand how asymmetric divisions control brain development and how defects lead to tumorigenesis. We have also established a 3D culture model that allows us to recapitulate the development of a human brain and to apply our findings to a better understanding of human brain disorders.

Keywords: Asymmetric cell division / stem cell biology / cell polarity / nervous system development / cell fate specification / proliferation control

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Cell & Tissue Architecture | Development