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EMBO Member

Karen B. Avraham

University, Tel Aviv | Israel

EMBO 2001 | CouC 08–11 | Council 16–18 | Council 19–21

Neural and sensory disease and genomics

My research focuses on the genes responsible for hearing and neurodevelopmental diseases. Our work covers the transcriptome and epigenome of these systems, and the mechanisms of deafness in mice models using CRISPR. We use AAV-gene therapy to rescue hearing in mice models for human deafness. We study GRIN2D in developmental delay and epilepsy. The research enables us to understand human disease and pathways for development of the ear and brain.

Keywords: Genetics / mice models / epigenetics / neurogenetics / deafness

Subject area(s): Genomic & Computational Biology | Molecular Medicine | Neuroscience