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EMBO Associate Member

Karolin Luger

University of Colorado, Boulder | United States

EMBO 2018

Chromatin structure and function

We want to understand how a cell's genetic material is packaged into chromatin, and how the encoded information is accessed. Our primary interests are the 'mechanics' by which the fundamental building block of chromatin, the nucleosome, is assembled and unraveled during DNA transcription and repair, and how the nuclear machinery interfaces and communicates with this ubiquitous macromolecular assembly. We use a wide variety of structural and biophysical approaches coupled with in-cell assays.

Keywords: Chromatin structure / X-ray crystallography / cryo-EM / histone chaperone / nucleosome structure & dynamics / gene regulation / DNA repair / posttranslational modification of histones / epigenetics

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Proteins & Biochemistry | Structural Biology & Biophysics