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EMBO Member

Katja Sträßer

Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen | Germany

EMBO 2020 | InstgC 22–25

Nuclear mRNP assembly, mechanisms and consequences

mRNA spends its entire lifetime as an mRNP, i.e. bound by proteins. My group studies the mechanisms of how mRNA-binding proteins assemble onto the mRNA to form an mRNP in the nucleus. In addition, we study the function of these mRNA-binding proteins in mRNA stability, the nuclear export of the mRNA and also cytoplasmic events. Importantly, we are interested in how the regulation of mRNP assembly changes under stress and disease conditions.

Keywords: mRNP assembly / RNA-binding proteins / RNA-protein interactions / nuclear mRNA export / transcription

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Membranes & Transport | Proteins & Biochemistry | RNA