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EMBO Member

Katja Wassmann

Institut Jacques Monod, Paris | France

EMBO 2023

Mechanisms of oocyte meiosis

Projects in my group aim at dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying the two meiotic divisions to generate haploid gametes, with a focus on female meiosis to generate oocytes of the correct ploidy. The central question we study deals with the issue of how meiosis I-specific events are executed only in meiosis I, and those of meiosis II only in meiosis II, using mouse and X. laevis oocytes, as well as budding yeast as our main model systems.

Keywords: Meiosis / oocytes / cell cycle / checkpoints / cohesin protection / cyclin specificity / phosphorylation

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Cell & Tissue Architecture | Development | Genome Stability & Dynamics