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Klaus Scherrer

Institut Jacques Monod, Paris | France

EMBO 1966

Organisation and expression of the eukaryotic genome

Discovery of RNA processing, pre-rRNA (1962), 'giant' pre-mRNA (1968), full Domain Transcripts of 33 kb (1990). Discovery of prosomes (core of 26S proteasomes) in mRNP, nuclear pre-mRNP, nuclear matrix, chromatin. Role of prosomes in transport and cyto-distribution of mRNA; diagnostic use of PS variation. Theory: 'Cascade Regulation' (1968), 'Unified Matrix Hypothesis' (first proposal of 3D genome organizations; 1989), 'Gene and Genon' (2007).

Keywords: Pre-rRNA & pre-mRNA processing / globin gene expression & regulation / prosomes / 3D genome structure / gene domains / genon concept

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | RNA | Systems Biology