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EMBO Member

Knud H. Nierhaus

1947 – 2016

EMBO 1984

Ribosome assembly, structure and functions

My group works on assembly, structure and function of the ribosome. Examples are (i) the assembly of the 50S subunit of bacterial ribosomes, (ii) functional aspects of bacterial initiation (70S scanning initiation) and EF-G dependent translocation, (ii) functions of non-canonical ribosomal factors such as EF3, EF4 (LepA), RsfS (YbeB), Tet(O), and (iv) analysis of ribosomal complexes by means of cryo-EM (together with the Spahn group, Charité, Berlin).

Keywords: Protein biosynthesis / structure & function of ribosomes / ribosome assembly / antibiotics / translation inhibitors

Subject area(s): Proteins & Biochemistry | Structural Biology & Biophysics