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EMBO Member

Leonid A. Sazanov

Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST), Klosterneuburg | Austria

EMBO 2018

Structure and function of membrane proteins

We are interested in the structural biology of large membrane protein complexes. We have solved by X-ray crystallography the first atomic structure of the bacterial complex I (~550 kDa, 16 subunits, 9 Fe-S clusters, 64 TM helices). We also solved by cryo-EM the first complete atomic structure of the more elaborate mammalian complex I (~ 1 MDa, 45 subunits, 78 TM helices), as well as determined the architecture of respiratory supercomplexes.

Keywords: Membrane protein structure / respiratory chain / mitochondria / complex I / respiratory supercomplexes / bioenergetics / X-ray crystallography / cryo-EM

Subject area(s): Cellular Metabolism | Membranes & Transport | Proteins & Biochemistry | Structural Biology & Biophysics