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EMBO Associate Member

Luis Herrera-Estrella

Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Irapuato | Mexico

EMBO 2024

Functional genomics of abiotic stress in plants

Our research group is dedicated to unraveling the molecular intricacies of how plants perceive and respond to environmental stressors. Our primary focus is elucidating the molecular mechanisms that trigger root responses to nutrient and water deficiencies. Through functional genomics, we aim to characterize the adaptive traits of plant species thriving in extreme environments, providing insights into their resilience and survival strategies.

Keywords: Plant molecular biology / plant genomics / crop improvement / Agrobacterium / gene function / transgenic plants / weed control / mineral nutrition / plant genomics

Subject area(s): Plant Biology | Genomic & Computational Biology | Genome Stability & Dynamics | Cellular Metabolism