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Maria Grazia Spillantini

University of Cambridge, Cambridge | United Kingdom

EMBO 2024

Tau and synuclein aggregates in neurodegeneration

My group is interested in understanding the mechanisms leading to neurodegeneration in diseases with tau and alpha-synuclein aggregation known as tauopathies and synucleinopathies such as Alzheimer's disease, Progressive Supranuclar Palsy, Frontotemporal dementia, Parkinson's and dementia with Lewy bodies. The aim is to identify targets for therapy and to produce models where mechanisms of disease can be investigated and treatments tested.

Keywords: Synuclein / synucleinopathies / Parkinson's Disease / microtubule associated protein tau / tauopathies / frontotemporal dementia

Subject area(s): Proteins & Biochemistry | Neuroscience | Molecular Medicine