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EMBO Member

Mariann Bienz

MRC LMB, Cambridge | United Kingdom

EMBO 1989 | Council 95–00 | MemPubC 96–01

Molecular mechanisms of Wnt signalling

We aim to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the transduction of the Wnt signal from the plasma membrane to the nucleus in normal and cancer cells. Our main focus is the Wnt signalosome, a phase-separate protein condensate whose assembly depends on dynamic head-to-tail polymerisation by the DIX domain of Dishevelled. We also study the Wnt enhanceosome and its BCL9 scaffold which renders this transcription complex Wnt responsive.

Keywords: Wnt signalling / protein condensates / head-to-tail polymerisation / signal-responsive transcriptional enhancers / cancer

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Molecular Medicine | Signal Transduction