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EMBO Member

Martin E. Schwab

University of Zurich, Schlieren | Switzerland

EMBO 1992 | CouC 99–02

CNS plasticity and repair

Nogo-A is a potent neurite growth inhibitory membrane protein in the adult CNS. Its neutralization enhances growth of injured axons and compensatory sprouting and circuit formation of intact axons in the adult CNS after injury. In the intact CNS, Nogo-A acts as a stabilizer of the CNS architecture and restricts plasticity including LTP at synapses. Nogo-A acts via multisubunit receptors, activating Rho familiy GTPases intracellularly.

Keywords: Developmental neurobiology / cell biology / regulation of nerve fiber growth / regeneration & plasticity of the nervous system / clinical trials in spinal cord injury & stroke

Subject area(s): Development | Molecular Medicine | Neuroscience