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EMBO Member

Martin E. Schwab

University of Zurich, Schlieren | Switzerland

EMBO 1992 | CouC 99–02

CNS plasticity and repair

Nogo-A is a potent neurite growth inhibitory membrane protein in the adult CNS. Its neutralization enhances growth of injured axons, compensatory sprouting and circuit formation in the adult CNS after injury. Nogo-A acts as a stabilizer of the CNS architecture and restricts plasticity via multisubunit receptors, activating Rho familiy GTPases. Antibodies against Nogo-A are currently tested in clinical trials for spinal cord injury.

Keywords: Developmental neurobiology / cell biology / regulation of nerve fiber growth / regeneration & plasticity of the nervous system / clinical trials in spinal cord injury & stroke

Subject area(s): Development | Molecular Medicine | Neuroscience