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EMBO Member

Maya Schuldiner

Weizmann Institute, Rehovot | Israel

EMBO 2017

Functional genomics of organelles

Over 30% of yeast organellar proteins have never been studied and more than half do not have a known biochemical function. Most of these proteins are conserved and some are implicated in diseases. Our lab is dedicated to uncovering novel functions for such proteins by employing a variety of high content screening techniques complemented by dedicated follow-ups. We specifically focus on protein targeting and organelle communication pathways.

Keywords: Endoplasmic reticulum / mitochondria / peroxisomes / membrane contact sites / protein targeting & translocation / high content screens / organelles / functional genomics

Subject area(s): Systems Biology | Proteins & Biochemistry | Membranes & Transport | Genomic & Computational Biology | Cell & Tissue Architecture