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EMBO Member

Michael Sattler

Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Garching | Germany

EMBO 2012

Structure and dynamics of protein-RNA interactions

We employ integrative structural biology combinding NMR, crystallography, cryo-EM, SAXS/SANS and biophysical techniques to study the structure, dynamics and molecular recognition of protein complexes involved in RNA-based regulation of gene expression (alternative splicing, long-non-coding RNAs) and cellular signalling (Hsp90 chaperone and peroxisome biogenesis), and for structure-based drug discovery targing proteins and RNAs.

Keywords: NMR / RNA splicing / alternative splicing / protein-RNA / long non-coding RNAs / integrative structural biology / peroxisome biogenesis / structure-based drug discovery

Subject area(s): Proteins & Biochemistry | RNA | Structural Biology & Biophysics