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Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol

Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nouméa | New Caledonia

EMBO 2024

Virus-vector-host interactions

My aim is to decipher the specific relations between viruses and their hosts in the specific insular environment of New Caledonia. My team has conducted research to understand the phylodynamics of arbovirus in the Pacific. We are investigating dengue virus evolution in Aedes aegypti driven by Wolbachia-selective pressure, the dengue immune response and the previous exposure to infectious diseases of the specific populations of New Caledonia.

Keywords: Dengue / arboviruses / Aedes aegypti / interactions / populations / physiopathology / Pacific region

Subject area(s): Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | Molecular Medicine | Evolution & Ecology