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EMBO Associate Member

Noriko Osumi

Tohoku University, Sendai | Japan

EMBO 2019

Transgenerational epigenetic effects of sperm aging

We investigate the molecular mechanism of mammalian brain development to understand brain evolution and pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental diseases like autism. Ongoing projects focus on 1) mRNA transport machineries in neural stem/progenitor cells during corticogenesis; 2) transgenerational effects of epigenetic modification during spermatogenesis on brain development of offspring; and 3) the roles of functional fatty acids in proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells and glial cells.

Keywords: Neurogenesis / brain development / RNA transport / animal models for neurodevelopmental disorders / transgenerational epigenetic inheritance

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Development | Molecular Medicine | Neuroscience