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EMBO Member

Pascal Genschik

IBMP, Strasbourg | France

EMBO 2012 | YipC 19–22

Role of Ubiquitin in Cellular Regulation

The ubiquitin-proteasome system was discovered as a central player for rapid and selective proteolysis of key regulatory proteins controlling a variety of cellular processes in all eukaryotes. Currently my main interests address two major domains in which ubiquitylation seem to play essential functions: (1) how stress hormones impinge on the cell cycle machinery and (2) protein turnover and its significance in RNA silencing.

Keywords: Ubiquitin / cullin RING ligases / cell cycle control / phytohormone signalling / post-transcriptional gene silencing

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Plant Biology | Proteins & Biochemistry | Signal Transduction