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EMBO Member

Richard Treisman

Francis Crick Institute, London | United Kingdom

EMBO 1988 | Council 10–11 | Council 12–14 | PolAG 12–17

Signalling and transcription

My research has focussed the mechanisms by which RNA synthesis can be regulated by extracellular signals.We focus on the SRF transcription factor network,which controls 'immediate-early' genes involved in cell cycle re-entry together with a host of cytoskeletal structural components and regulators. Our interests have been mainly aimed at characterising signalling pathways at the molecular level and more recently their functional significance in vivo

Keywords: Transcriptional regulation / signal transduction / transcription factors / Rho GTPase / MAP kinase / cytoskeleton

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Chromatin & Transcription | Signal Transduction