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EMBO Member

S. Dusko Ehrlich

Orsay | France

EMBO 1981 | YipC 03–06

Microbial gut communities in health and disease

How do gut microbes impact our health and disease? We use quantitative metagenomics, to establish microbial gene profiles of an individual, by high throughput sequencing of total stool DNA and matching the sequences on the reference gene catalog. We use the profiles to elucidate associations between bacteria and chronic diseases, the rules of interactions between gut microbes and us and find the means to modulate composition of gut communities.

Keywords: DNA replication & recombination / regulation of gene expression / systematic genome analysis / human microbiome

Subject area(s): Genome Stability & Dynamics | Genomic & Computational Biology | Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | Molecular Medicine